The Wheel: Beginning Anew

The Wheel symbol comes in many, many forms throughout paganism-heathenry and countless other paths or faiths throughout the world. One of the common qualities of the symbol is it’s inevitable ‘revolutionary’ nature, by which I mean it will inevitably turn or revolve and bring about change.

For me, this is an important symbol today because once again The Wheel is turning.

I had long forgotten (read: given up) about my blog. It was something that I very much WANTED to be something that I stuck with, but in the end it simply became… what I gave up first. Other things became more important and this was the first thing that I sacrificed in order to put those other things first.

However in the last week I’ve discovered a collective on youtube, the paganperspective channel, which has instigated the turning of The Wheel for me. The collective, or collab as they call themselves, have rather gotten under my skin in a good way. They’ve given me a new confidence in putting this (read: my spiritual exploration as a pagan-heathen) as a priority just as much as I put other things as a priority.

To this end, much like trimming the dead foliage on a tree or bush, I have pruned all of my old works from Trees in the Train Station so that there is room for the new growth. Having grown more in my own right, I have a better understanding of myself and why this (read: the blog) is important to me and perhaps more importantly, why it is important that I recognise and acknowledge that this is important to me.

Find The Pagan Perspective here:


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