Acknowledging Progress: Recognising My Progress

Something that has always made me hesitant to really interact on any level or in any way with the Pagan-Heathen community, anywhere, is my personal feeling that I do not have the worthiness of experience and practice that others have.

That said, I should recognise how far I have actually come since I first awoke to the idea that I could choose my own way through life and in my own eyes acknowledge the small number of things I have actually achieved.

I have been studying the Futhark runes, AND putting what I have learnt into practice. I have managed to use Uruz successfully at least once that I am certain of, and a couple of additional times that I are less definite. Much as the book I am studying the runes from has advised: the more I USE the runes, as opposed to just studying them, the more they stick in my mind; the more I use them the more I understand them and how to use them better.

Though I have not used it practically, my study of the Ogham fews has helped shape my understanding of how to use fews and runes in practice. I have other books that are waiting for me to read, which in itself is something for me to be happy about. Just the simple act of finding books to have waiting is a step forward.

Perhaps most deeply of all I have, for the first time in what must be months, re donned my two amulets that were in truth two of my earliest steps into my journey. For a long time I just wasn’t wearing them but now not only am I wearing them again but I am also making a conscious effort to connect to them and attune myself to them and them to me.


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