Reading the Signs: Seeing What Wasn’t There Before

There was something that I struggled with in times past, something which started to wear on my quite a bit. Where I live there are very few pagan-heathen groups out in the open. By which I mean, those groups might well be around but only discoverable through word of mouth. Those few groups that I could find through research, were either impractically down south from where I live, or just impractically inland or in the mountains.

I did manage to eventually find a group that was at least, in my part of the country and on Facebook, which meant that I could have some small connection to the pagan-heathen community in my area. Much like the rest of my pagan-heathen… stuff, my interactions with them gradually fell by the wayside.

Today however, I stumbled across something quite by accident but which I am looking at as a positive sign. One of the paganperspective hosts, Brendan the sub for Mondays, is in fact part of the Ostarian Grove group. Peg it up to coincidence or to some movement in the universe, seeing what wasn’t there before is definitely encouraging this new lease on my spirituality.

Find the Ostarian Grove here:

Find Brendan’s personal channel here:

Find The Pagan Perspective here:


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