That Which Matters Most: Private Practice

For a number of reasons, there are very few things that I do as a pagan-heathen that I would realistically call a practice. About the only thing that I actively do is use Futhark runes in a few different situations. Even this is only a simple finger tracing with a thought to direct my intent or purpose for inscribing the rune. I’ve been rather hesitant to experiment further with the Futhark because although I’ve read the book I am studying them from cover to cover a few times now, there hasn’t really been an opportunity for me to practice the exercises the book contains.

That said, tomorrow I am planning to find a quiet place that is far from the hustle and bustle of all the city around me. All that I plan to do is to sit under a tree and meditate on where I am currently, the state that my spirituality is in and other such things.

Even to me, this seems like something obvious that I should really have gotten around to doing a long, long time ago. However, there is really something to be said for intellectual clarity. This past week has been one of my most intellectually clear; my mind has been very calm and imbuing the rest of me with a subtle sense of calm. If anything, it is this that has really allowed me to see a number of little, but obvious, things that I haven’t in the past. Over-thinking is definitely something that I need to keep better in check.


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