The Widening Gyre: D.I.Y Meditation

Today I followed through on my plan to find a quiet spot and attempt to meditate. My plan to get far away from the hustle and bustle of the city didn’t work quite as well as I had planned, but never the less I did find a quiet spot to meditate.

It was atop a hill, above the cliffs that are next to the beach I live near, and all I could see stretched out in front of me was the ocean. This would be the first of two attempts today. I took along with me two things, first was my book of runes “Taking up the Runes” by Diana L. Paxson and the second was a collection of four crystal that I’ve had since I was a young child. I can’t really say why I brought them along. They don’t really have any particularly special meaning to me, and at the time I really just took them because I thought that they would serve as a useful tactile focus.

In my first attempt, I tried to meditate with all four of them in my hands. As far as a first meditation attempt goes, it was fairly standard. I focused on my breathing, then the sounds of the world around me. Obviously, I need to be practising meditation on a more regular basis to reasonably expect any kind of results. However, it is during/after my second attempt that things really get interesting.

In my second attempt I was in a different place, at the other end of the beach on a different hill. This time, I was sitting behind a tree and only had a smokey quartz in my hands when I tried to meditate. At the time, a strange thing happened to me: I started to… rock, gently back and forth. It was a very subtle motion, one which I failed to replicate consciously (trust me, I tried a couple of times). Each time I closed my eyes and started meditating I could feel myself rocking back and forth. It was quite a bizarre sensation, one which could be easily explained by my sitting on a hill. Though not steep, what I experienced could quite easily have been my body subconsciously trying to keep my back straight while I was focusing on meditating.


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