In a Moment of Silence: Alternating Methods

Absolute silence is something that is very, very difficult to get in my part of the world. At home there are televisions and people talking, across the road in the park there are cars driving along two sides and many, many children. Even the place I have found for my mediation practice is not truly silent. The sounds of the world are all around me even there, the crashing of waves down on the beach below, the sounds of planes flying over head and people walking along the path. Were I not so used to all the noise, all the time, it might well drive me to distraction.

In my practice today I used two different methods, the one I have used previously with my crystals and one from my rune studies. I encountered that strange rocking sensation that I encountered the last time I meditated with my crystal/s. I still am not sure what to make of it, I did go back to the same place I went to last time and for the fist part of todays’ exercise I recreated the previous session. However, it also happened in my second meditation using the rune Fehu as my focus. Next time I meditate I’m going to try a different spot just to see whether its the location or me that is causing the rocking.

I think that perhaps I am… lacking some particular element to my meditations (other than practice). While I am certainly achieving a degree of mental balance, I’m not really reaching any of the states that I have seen described. This is was particularly true with my rune studies meditation. I followed the book’s suggested approach to the meditation of a rune, however once again I get the sense that I’m… missing something. I can’t say what it is but I look forward to finding whatever it is.

Of course, it could just be that I need more practice.


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