The Nature of the Word: Fehu, Rune of New Beginnings

Fehu is the first rune in the Futhark. So naturally this is the rune that you typically begin with when studying the runes to any extent, for whatever purpose. As a result, most sources of information for the Futhark runes have common meanings ascribed to them for many different reasons. This however can cause problems for people who find that the meaning/s ascribed to that rune in a particular source don’t gel very well.

For me this has been very much the case with Fehu for a while now. In the book that I use, only a single conceptual meaning is applied to each rune. For Fehu the conceptual meaning was ‘Wealth’. The last time that I tried to meditate with Fehu as my focus I found that I couldn’t focus properly on Fehu because for me, wealth is just not something that is important to me. Certainly, its something that I enjoy and/or would make use of, but over all ‘wealth’ is just not a priority for me – presuming that I interpret wealth to mean riches, rather than just generic money/income.

Yesterday though, I found a source (a website that I really need to find again and provide the link for) that had ‘new beginnings’ as one of the meanings ascribed to Fehu. Tonight I found this concept to work much better as a way of meditating on Fehu.


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