Few and Far Between: An Evening at the Theatre

There are lots of reasons why this is the case, but really good days are far and few between for me. Its not something that I really fuss over or resent or anything, but I am self aware enough to admit that whenever a day like today happens I do wish that more of my days were good. Rather than just… neutral I guess, or bad.

On the balance of things, I didn’t really DO a whole lot today that contributed to it being a good day. I didn’t put aside some time to meditate, I didn’t really get any jobs done or things like that. But I found myself singing in the shower and prancing around like an idiot while I was warming up my dinner (yes, I feel that we know each other well enough now to admit that I occasionally prance around like an idiot).

The thing that really set today apart from most other days is that I actually spent some time with someone I wanted to be around (read: a friend from Uni [thats college for the Yanks]) and went to the theatre with them. It was just a nice night out with someone that I enjoy being around and just the act of being around them, talking with them and catching up on things really got under my skin in a good, great, way. While going to the theatre with my friend meant that by the time all was done there really wasn’t time to go meditate, I think that really… Getting out of the house and seeing them was just as productive and good for me as spending some time meditating.


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