Blue and Orange Morality: Dark ≠ Evil

As promised yesterday, today I’m going to… outline why I don’t think that dark equals evil. In a few very short words my opinion can be surmised as: Humans use black and white, Deities use blue and orange.

It always gets under my skin in a very special way when people talk about deities as though deities were human. Obviously, this stance is quite subjective not in the least because it presumes that ‘you’ believe that deities exist (as opposed to deities simply being representations of concepts). This stance of mine stems from a few different things, however one of the most succinct ways to express the major contributors is this. Humans are mortal, imperfect and ultimately, limited. Deities however are not. Whether or not you agree as to whether a deity can or cannot die, is or is not perfect, it is a fundamental aspect that deities are considerably beyond the scope of humanity. In practically every way.

So why in the name of sanity and logic would they use moral concepts effectively created by humanity?

This is what I alluded to with the expression ‘Blue and Orange Morality’. Deities are deities, and as such they use (or indeed arguably, do not use) a system or morals, ethics, etc that do not ascribe to the human dichotomy ‘black/evil and white/good’. This dichotomy is something that we, humans, have created in order to allow for a more streamlined perception of the universe. Because deities do not have any need of such a streamlining, their perceptions (as seems sensible) are vastly different to ours and thus to them, what we might think of as evil because it is dark, is likely far far different in their eyes.

It is because of this difference in perceptions, humans and deities, that I think dark has come to automatically mean evil. For a human, darkness inspires a primal discomfort that likely stems back to the dawn of humanity. As such its much simpler for us to simply equate dark with evil, than consider each on their own merits. Just like it is much simpler to simply equate light with good. Tens of thousands of years ago I can understand/grasp why this might have been a good practice, but today even though I feel that mankind has… slid backwards somewhat in terms of spirituality, I do feel that we are capable of handling a more ‘grown up’ perception of the universe.


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