Self Fulfilling Animosity: Knowing When to Cry Foul

Fair warning, this has the potential to devolve into a teeny bit of a rant.

I can’t really say whether it is just me or not, but there is a strange… phenomenon that I’ve witnessed several times now in recent memory. It’s not supernatural, paranormal, or any other kind of trans-mundane event.

What I am talking about is the tendency of minority groups to claim that any and all actions that affect them positively or negatively were done for/against their cause. More often than not you see this kind of behaviour in the cases of a negative action. Pagans-heathens, political groups, LGBTI groups and individuals, racial groups. I’ve seen subsets of each of these cry foul when something was done seemingly against them, but really had little or nothing to with them.

This is a particular problem where I live, as in recent years such incidents have led to riots (less recently) and young adults being quite seriously harmed by the police (more recently). Each time the minority group that is involved claims that the ‘attack’ was a direct move against the movement that they represent.

But seriously… Do we have to be so self centred?

I do not deny that attacks against minority groups do happen, but I also acknowledge that there are times when the minority group involved is only involved by sheer coincidence. A young gay guy being beaten up by police does have to be a hate crime, it could just be police trying to keep a crowd of 100,00 alcohol and drug pumped people under control.

So many of these minority groups are obsessed with getting their way that too often, I think, they forget that they are also people. People that live in a world that continues to spin regardless of their plights or attempts to better the world.


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