A Journey of 1000 Steps: Where Did I Start?

It is hard to say, really, when I started being pagan-heathen. For a lot of my life I have been exposed to mythologies of the ancient cultures, stories of the Greek heroes, ghost stories and an all encompassing acceptance that the magical and supernatural were a part of our world. Even though it was a child’s perspective, I find that it is still a strong part of me today. It is what has guided me in those times when I was unsure of what to believe or when I was fearful that perhaps there really wasn’t anything beyond the mundane. All the things that I simply accepted as fact as a child have, in reality, become the cornerstone of the foundation of much of my spiritual beliefs.

When I look back on my life thus far, I can see two different… I don’t know. It is like looking back at my life through a pair of 3D movie glasses, one eye see red and the other sees green. The red are all the things that have shaped my intellectual and mental interests, while the green is all the things that have gone into putting me on the path that I am walking now. I am actually looking at the same things, to torture the metaphor a little more, but each of those things I look at has two lenses that its influence can be seen with.


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