The Energy of Cities

Galina Krasskova wrote an article oh… a while ago now, about the energies of cities and how cities could be incorporated into practice in the same manner as ancestors. At the time I found her article intellectually interesting but I didn’t really have anything to relate it to. I can now say that I really understand what she meant about cities.

I spent five days in a different city, Melbourne, and the difference to the city that I live in, Sydney, was almost tangible. Sydney’s energy is noticeably abrasive to me while Melbourne’s was almost soothing. The way in which to two cities are laid out and designed is also markedly different and the number of people that each city have in them are also different. So much between Melbourne and Sydney is different that could account for the different in energy that I could feel… But I long now, more than ever, to be in a city where just being in it doesn’t feel toxic.


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