The Spirit of a City

Though I’ve never really considered this before, my mentioning Galina Krasskova and her article on cities and energy in my post yesterday has spawned some interesting thoughts in my mind about the nature of a city when viewed through the spiritualists’ eyes.

A number of pagans-heathens that I have encountered in one form or another have spoken to various degrees about how the energy of where you live can be a powerful influence on your practice/s. Some, like Galina, have talked about how a city is in its own right a spiritual entity that should be honoured and cared for; others have talked on a more personal level and described how they spent many months slowly weaving their energy and the energy of the place in which they lived together. Though I’ve never really thought about this actively, the more I do the more I find that the idea behind it is fascinating.

I’ve admitted in the past that energy work, in fact energy just in general, is something that I really struggle with in my practice. It’s just something that I feel i need the guidance of someone more experienced than I to really help me to get a grip on energy and working with it. That said, I really do think that there is something well worth considering in the idea of a place like a city/urban environment having a spiritual presence.

When I consider the cities, the many cities, that I have lived in for an extended period of time there are definitely some that stand out more in my mind than others as having what I would describe as a personality. Melbourne, for one, is a city that I would definitely (and give my recent and previous time there) be able to describe as having a personality of it’s own, one that is much different to Sydney where I usually live.

This is definitely something that I want to ‘have a play with’ should I get the job I’ve recently been interviewed for in Poland.


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