Magic(k)al ‘Technology’

This is mostly a theoretical idea for me at the moment, it calls for a goodly number of things from my practice that I simply don’t have. That said, what do I mean by magic(k)al ‘technology’?

I don’t mean using technology as a part of your practice, for example using a laptop to Skype in for a circle casting or ritual. I mean using magic(k)al practice/s to create a magic(k)al mechanism that achieves a specific end or fulfils a specific function. Instead of electricity, magic(k)al energy; instead of cogs and wheels and springs, altars, chanting and talismans. Groups of practitioners already come together to practice as a group, circles and group rituals and ceremonies. Although these instances are for the function of a single ‘event’, for example to cast a particularly strong spell or do a working that a single person wouldn’t be able to achieve on their own. However, could the idea behind group work be taken another step further to create a kind of spiritual machine that could be used to achieve a specific purpose or function over and over again?

Cara on the Pagan Perspective channel on YouTube described drawing a circle as making a bubble (her comments were related to how big or small a circle should be but her explanation translates to this topic) that you then fill with energy which is then expended to actualise your… spell, work, casting. Pick a verb.

Is it possible to draw a large enough circle that stores enough energy to… power a repeating magic(k)al event, charging and discharging a specific working at timeable intervals?


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