Mediating with a Tree

A few times now I’ve meditated under a tree, sometimes the same tree and sometimes not. Sometimes I’ve not even meditated under a tree at all, but I think that after today I will be sure to make a more regular practice of it.

Tonight was the first time I’d meditated in over a week and I think that perhaps my time away in Melbourne has not been as great a break from meditation as I thought. Though I still don’t think that I really achieved any special state or anything, I certainly was meditative. I think that part of the reason is that I meditated under a tree that I like.

I can’t honestly say that there is anything particular about the tree that makes it stand out… except for the part where it stands out. It’s all alone by a set of stairs at the beach. There are lots of trees in the area, but they’re all up on the hill behind it. I like to think that I give it a bit of much needed company when I sit against it’s trunk and close my eyes.

I found myself talking aloud to it, asking what its name is. Thats a new development.


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