Adding to my Meditation

Slowly but surely I’m adding little additions to my meditations. I am still lacking a proper focus and I’ve yet to achieve any real meditative state. However I do think that I am progressing compared to where I was when I first began.

The first addition that I have made to my meditating is meditating in a particular place each time. At first I sort of just… went with what felt right. A field at night. A tree on the side of a hill. It never really seemed to matter too much at first, but I’ve gradually gotten used to the tree that I currently meditate under. There is something comforting or safeguarding about it and the way it’s branches seem to hold the world back whenever I sit at it’s base.

Another of the changes or additions that I have made to my meditations is the use of alternating single and multiple crystals. There are four that I have and generally the four of them serve as a pseudo focus and a single piece of quartz that I use when I am trying to purge myself of any particularly troublesome emotions or feelings.

A third addition that I tried to layer on today but didn’t really follow through with (kept getting distracted by my runny nose. Allergies) is the addition of a vocal element. I hand wrote a poem/song that I came across online that I was going to try and use as an additional element but my nose was having none of that. Definitely going to try again tomorrow.


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