Can’t guarantee that this is going to be entirely positive. In fact it’s probably going to be more… melancholic than anything else. It will probably sound like complaining but it’s not how I intend it to sound, I’m really just trying to describe… well. Feelings.

Being lost, disconnected and seemingly without purpose is a hollow thing. It’s like standing in a forest at night with trees all around you and yet at the same time you are standing in the centre of a crossroad of infinite paths with nothing but an infinity of stars above your head with the expectation that you know which one is for you. Which path is the one you should be following, which star is the one that is supposed to guide you. Being lost and disconnected is like being on one side of a pane of glass, while all the things you are trying to find are on the other side. You can see them, and almost reach out to them but they really aren’t in the same place as you.

Meditating tonight made me realise just how often I come across that pane of glass.


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