Thought and Paganism-Heathenry

Thought, or rather thinking is one of those things that is you don’t typically see given quite the same priority in other spiritual paths when compared to the majority of pagan and heathen paths. While this might sound antagonistic, it’s not intended to be and I’ll explain why.

In other paths you see quite a focus on giving your agency up to the divinity and putting everything in their hands, letting them do everything. Thought ceases to be the issue while obedience and subservience become paramount. Now, I wont disagree that there are arguments that can be made FOR that particular approach, however I find it to be a little disconcerting. Also I don’t like taking a passive role in things.

For those who might be thinking that this is just another pagan-heathen ragging on or ‘pointing out the flaws’ in the faith they have come from, in my case Christianity, I would like to point out that even the Bhagavad-Gita contains a number of passages that essentially state ‘give up your will unto god’.

The reason that I’ve brought this up is because today it is striking me just how important it is for pagans-heathens to have a healthy and balanced state of mind. This is not to say that it is no less important for other people because it is IS important for all people. I’m simply sating that from an active spiritualist perspective, it is relatively more important for a pagan to ensure they are mentally healthy. I know this because of the number of times that I have gotten uncharacteristically angry today. Not just clench my teeth in frustration anger either, real and proper hitting the bathroom wall kind of anger.

This is one of the reasons why I try to meditate as much as I do, because I find that each day I am less and less in control of my emotions because of this going on in my home. Not bad things per se, just things that are getting to me more and more now that I am older. Well, older than a child in high school, as opposed to older than 30 or something.

For people like pagans and heathens who have an active practice, casting runes or drawing circles and the like, that requires the channeling of thought and other such things to a specific purpose… Well, it should be pretty clear as to why having a healthy state of mind is so important. Which brings me back to meditating lots. It might not be how other people try to purge themselves of the thoughts that put them out of balance (NB: I don’t say bad thoughts because I do believe that a certain amount of negative thought is needed to maintain a healthy state of mind), and certainly there are probably those who don’t use meditation for any purpose other than to prepare or train their mind for practice. But I find that it does the trick for me.

Such a shame that it’s raining tonight and I can’t get out and meditate…


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