I can say that this is going to be very spiritually oriented today. Which is kind of appropriate given the reason why this today and thus this post have not really been all to productive as far as spiritual exploration is concerned.

It’s an unfortunate reality of… well, reality that there are some things that a person really can’t avoid in life and for me one of those unavoidable realities is job hunting. Its a fair assumption that anyone reading this has had to go job hunting at least once before, if not a few times before. So I expect that most of you know what it feels like to feel as though you have no control over your life when your immediate future is being decided by people who really, don’t much care. You’re just a prospective worker monkey to them. It’s not a very ‘up’ feeling.

There could be an argument made that I am perhaps making things harder for myself than they really need to be by trying to find work over seas. However, the simple fact is that it is just as hard to find work here as it is trying to find work over seas. At risk of turning this in to a rant on the unrealistic expectations of employers in my country, I will say that the employers in my country have been well spoilt by a comparatively stronger economy than most others.

However there are other reasons why I am searching for a job overseas beyond the purely mundane. Being overseas will allow me to better pursue my personal interests in several areas that will one day probably become professional areas. There are more languages that I can learn more easily, better universities that I will be able to do a Masters or more at, people and places that i long to visit.

Most of all, there is something… else, calling to me over seas. I don’t know what it is yet, but I’m going to find it.


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