Weddings and Separating Religion from Law

I’ll be the first one to admit that as much as I want to get out of here, Australia has some really good things going for it’s citizens. One of these is a part in our constitution that says (and I paraphrase) that Australia as a nation does not and will never have a state religion. Personally, I love this. It means that as long as Australia is Australia, there is going to be some measure of religious freedom. Hand in hand with this is the way marriages are handled hear (and for those wondering why this is a thing today, I went to a friend’s wedding today).

I’ll admit that I don’t rightly know how marriages are handled, in terms of legal requirements and the forms you need to sign, in other countries. Here the ceremony that you use is entirely unrelated to the legal documents that you sign. There is a very distinct separation between the Law/Civil element and the Religious element. Much like a number of places around the world a Civil Marriage Celebrant can provide the same legal requirements and forms to sign, while also giving you the wedding that you want.


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