Song of Amergin

Tonight was amazing. Absolutely amazing.

I used the Song of Amergin in my meditation tonight and I can honestly say that there was a marked difference in my meditative experience.

I used the song as a vocal part of my meditation practice tonight. I read/sang the song tqice, aloud, and I found that my mind was much more… malleable to the whole experience. Rather than trying to force myself to not think of anything at all, I let the imagery of the song serve as the launching point for my mind and let things flow the way they wanted.

Overall the experience was much more like being in a dream than it was anything else. I definitely call it a marked improvement over my previous attempts, partially for the above reason (entering a dream like state) but also because I entirely lost all sense of time flowing. Completely. I didn’t even notice that the world was still moving around me until a bat landed in the tree I was meditating under and started eating something. It was thirty minutes of blissful meditation.

It’ll be good to see if it happens again tomorrow.


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