Praxis: What to Practice When You’re Not Sure pt.1

I really have no idea how many people come to Paganism-Heathenry and have a clear idea of what path they want to practice right from the get go. A few people that I am aware of have found their path in Wicca and fairly swiftly (relatively speaking), while others spend a long time searching for that right path, whether it be a combination of things or a very distinct path. Despite this however, I do think that almost any Pagan or Heathen just starting on their journey has trouble knowing HOW to start practicing, whatever their practice might be.

My advice is this:
1. Know what you are good at, whether that is talking, reading, drawing or weaving baskets.
2. Think about the things that are important to you. Family, sense of identity, achieving particular goals.
3. Find out what kind of learner you are: aural, visual, kinaesthetic. There might be others.
4. Have a good sit down with yourself. Talk aloud to yourself if it helps. Think (or talk) long and hard about yourself and identify the things in yourself that are problem areas. For example, self esteem or a really bad tempter.

I’ll continue this tomorrow, using myself as an example to go into these four points in more detail.


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