Deity and Deities

I think I’ve mentioned once before how I find that energy work is one of those things that I just don’t get. It’s just not something that I’ve really grasped up till now and for the time being. One day further down the line I’m going to sit down and sort it out. However, the real point is that for the time being I just don’t understand it.

Deity/Deities are another one of those things that I just… don’t get.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a hard polytheist. Technically I am a hard, integrated, polytheist. I believe that every single god and goddess exists, out there, as a real entity simultaneously and distinct from each other. So it is not the concept or the idea of a god that I am struggling with. It is the connection that a large number of Pagans and Heathens seem to have with their deity/deities that I struggle to really comprehend.

I feel at this point that I should point out that this lack of comprehension stems from what basically amounts to forlorn jealousy. Which sounds bad, which it is, but at the same time also kind of isn’t. So many people I know and have seen have this amazing connection with Deity/Deities; they work with them, have an altar (or equivalent) to/for them, receive guidance and knowledge from them as well as many, many other things. Which is decidedly a good thing. However as someone who doesn’t have that, and has in part come to where I am because of an utter lack of that in my life for quite a long time, I find that I can’t help but get a little jealous.

Now the obvious answer to this is to find a deity or deities and start practicing with them and I don’t even need to tell anyone who is reading this how or why that is so not the answer to things. Not only is it just… crass in my eyes to just pick a god or goddess and start worshipping away, it eliminates that intimate and personal connection that I see others have.

There are sort of two broad schools of thought on the matter of deities, at least that I have found, when it comes to bringing deity into your practice. As pertains to Pagans and Heathens who use specific deities rather than the God and/or Goddess.

The first school of thought essentially says that you should research deities as much as you can, their names and areas of divinity and that sort of thing. At one stage or another a deity or some aspect of a deity will stand out or draw your attention to it. Usually this is the first sign that ‘you’ should start working with that deity,

The other school of thought can be described much more succinctly: Deity will get your attention. One way or another, Deity will get your attention. After that it is up to you to work out what is what, who is who.

I haven’t really formulated my own opinion on which of the two schools, which in itself is only a very basic description of something far more complex, I lean towards more. A thought has occurred to me however,

Perhaps Deity has not come to me or gotten my attention because I am either not ready for it, or don’t need it yet?


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