The Four Queens – Kelly-Anne Maddox

I’ve mentioned a few people here before, right at the very beginning (read: new beginning) and there was a particular reason for that. I came across them entirely by chance and through them I recovered something that I was rightfully fearful that I was loosing. From a simple video by a young woman in America that turned up on my Facebook wall, I discovered The Pagan Perspective collaboration on Youtube. And I acknowledged what that discovery did for me when it happened.

Today I would like to acknowledge another, new, person who has already had a profound impact on me.

Kelly-Ane Maddox is a young British woman who does The Four Queens channel on Youtube. While virtually all the people that I follow on Youtube have some charismatic draw to them, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be following them, Kelly-Anne has something… extra. There is a draw and weight to her words that extends beyond what I have seen in other people thus far. Which is not to discount the qualities of those others, Cara and Brendan and the entire Pagan Perspective collaboration. But there is something markedly… extra to Kelly-Anne that has really gotten me quite enthralled.

While I have no where near gone through all of her videos, those that I have watched thus far have definitely made an impact. If I had to condense my sentiment into a single line, it would be thus: “The Pagan Perspective inspired me spiritually, while The Four Queens inspires me intellectually.” Something like that. Its very much the edge of difference between two inspirations. Kelly-Anne feeds the more intellectual, process of thinking, parts of me; somewhat akin to the feeling elicited in my by those teachers, professors and tutors that I have truly admired and loved in my school and university education.

Kelly-Anne’s videos deal with a range of subjects from her personal speciality of Tarot, to dealing with specific elements of Witchcraft, to almost psycho-analytical videos that deal with those topics that are relevant to Pagans and Heathens but don’t really fit into the two major topical circles of Faith and Practice.

Find Kelly-Anne and The Four Queens here:


2 thoughts on “The Four Queens – Kelly-Anne Maddox

  1. Thanks for introducing a great resource on youtube for reflection and thinking. I only had enough time to watch one of FourQueens videos, but it has definitely helped me start thinking about how I will move forward. I wouldn’t have stumbled upon her videos otherwise, so thank you again :).

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