A Little Bit of Everything

I’ve spent all day working on a lesson plan for a job interview I have coming up this week, its really windy outside which has not helped my nose at all today so thats why I’m not out meditating like I wanted to be. As a result, this is probably going to be very much a ramble about a few things.

First stop: the weather!

So, I live in the Southern Hemisphere, which means that we are currently transitioning from Winter to Spring (hence the wind being an issue for my nose, lots of pollen to aggravate my hay fever). It could well just be my imagination, but it definitely FEELS like a time of change and transition. Obviously, the turning of the seasons is as inevitable as death and taxes, but I’m more aware of it this time. It’s like being in liminal time except I’m aware of the building… something, on the other side of the liminal time bubble. Or at least, thats what it feels like. As though everything is in a bubble that is going to burst once all the changes are finished happening.

Next stop: I wrote the Song of Amergin entirely in Elder Futhark Runes.

Just for the sake of practicing my runes from a memory stand point, I sat down the other day and I wrote out the version of the Song of Amergin that I have been using as a vocal focus in my meditations entirely in runes. It was a brain teasing experiment because of the way the runes are as an alphabet and the way English words are formed. But never the less, I managed. It certainly was helpful as an exercise for future efforts in writing with runes. I am however left with the problem of what to actually do with the written piece now. I don’t really have any books or records that I keep all those kinds of things in… I am toying with the idea of burning it in a little ritual of some kind or as a one off meditation exercise or something along those lines.

Last (?) stop: The wind and meditation.

I’m getting better at accepting that I am not able to do as I would like to and meditate every single day. For example, tonight there is just so much wind that not only would I probably be too cold even with a jumper, but I’d be sneezing every twenty seconds and unable to maintain focus. Instead I’m going to get to bed early and have a decent nights sleep.


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