Agression, Violence and Self Protection pt. 1

When I was thinking about this earlier in the day a line from Rocky Horror came to mind: “Thats a rather tender subject. Anyone care for another slice?” I honestly can’t recall why exactly I had that line come to mind, but thinking about it more I can come up with a few reasons and there is one that sticks out in my mind in particular.

Pagans and Heathens, for the most part, shy away from aggressiveness of almost any kind. True, some do use blood as a part of their practice, but for the most part I have found that a large number either have an almost pacifist philosophy (which itself isn’t an issue, but I’ll get back to this) or in a few cases no opinion at all. There are all manner of reasons why this might be and why I have a… difference of opinion with the majority.

First, my difference of opinion.

For me violence is not a dirty word, its not clean, orange, tangerine, holy, unholy or any other kind of word. To torture the metaphor, just a bit. For me violence is just an aspect of the world that we live in that is both overly embraced and not embraced enough. What I mean by this is that there is too much unrestrained violence, but not enough of controlled violence.

Ok. This has become a pt.1 because I’m tired and didn’t get this started soon enough for a topic like this one.


One thought on “Agression, Violence and Self Protection pt. 1

  1. I think you have to keep in mind semantics. Violence sounds more, well, violent than the word “harm”. If you ask Pagans about choosing harm in any form, you’ll get more variety in answers than you do with “violence”. Surgery is controlled harm, usually to remove or fix something damaged. Tough love and criticism are forms of controlled harm, because they hurt someone while helping them to grow. However, when I hear “controlled violence”, my mind goes straight to boxing, wrestling, and other forms of violence-on-purpose.

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