Agression, Violence, Self Protection and Harm pt.2

So, as it happened I forgot that I was meeting a friend for dinner tonight so I’ve ended up getting to this later than I wanted to. So, I guess that means that there’ll be a part three to this because I really want to do this topic the justice I feel it deserves.

On that note, Larissa Lee raised a good point in her comment yesterday. The semantics around the words being used are rather important. So I’m going to include that in the list of things to discuss.

So, as it stands now the list of things that part 3 is going to include are:

– The semantics of the topic
– My difference of opinion
– What makes no sense, to me at least, about being any kind of nature worshiper and finding violence or harm abhorrent.
– Blood in Pagan and Heathen practices.
– Pacifism in Pagan and Heathen philosophies.
– The natural role that violence/harm has in the world.
– Uncontrolled violence
– Controlled Violence

It looks like a lot, and frankly probably is, but I’m rather taken with the topic and I’m determined to see it through.


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