Agression, Violence, Self Protection And Harm Pt.4

So, time to continue working on down through the list from part one of this… I don’t know, does this count as a series?

3. My Two Kinds of Violence, continued.

Following of from this topic from yesterdays post, the distinction between my two types of violence is more than academic semantics between the words used to describe them

The regulation part of Regulated Violence needs to come from a collection of sources. There needs to be your own personal regulation, regulation influenced by your peers and respected others, regulation that is imparted by the nation state that you live in and so many other places. For example, I have personal regulation that comes from my own philosophies and the martial arts training that I have undergone; I have a moral and ethical standard that has been influenced by my family and close friends; I have the laws of the country I live in. Obviously, the things that contribute to each level of regulation (and there are plenty more than what I have labelled) are more than just what I have outlined.

There are definitely things that count as regulated violence, protecting yourself or someone else from harm is a personal favourite. There are limitations on what you can do in the case of protecting yourself or someone else, be it the situation which limits what can be done or your own personal limitations. This is one of those areas where Pagans and Heathens have a whole extra tool set that most people do not, which I think is part of why Harm, Self Protection and ‘combat’ are often hotly debated (or ignored) topics.

It’s bed time for me, but tomorrow I’m going to try and get the rest of the list done.


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