Two Books in One

I received a book I ordered from Iceland today, a book chock full of new things to think about and work with. A brand new book of magic. All for me. I’m so very excited.

The book has two manuscripts that have been translated into English (though there is an Icelandic version of everything in the book) and laid out in very clear detail. Almost, in fact nothing other than the translation into English, nothing has been altered from the original manuscripts. Words that don’t translate or have no meaning in modern Icelandic are left in the English translation, as they are. The Latin text in from the second manuscript are left in Latin in both the English and the Icelandic parts of the book. It’s a very, very good book.

The entirety of the books contents (excepting the introduction) are staves from the two manuscripts that have been put into the book. The staves, which I would tentatively call Icelandic sorcery, are quite complex glyphs or sigils that have instructions ranging from the simple to the complex on the use and purpose of each stave. Some have clear instructions and/or purposes, while others need some more interpretation. The larger of the two manuscripts that have gone into this book is nominally organised into ‘types’ of staves. The two biggest ‘types’ are protection from thieves and the like, and every Pagan and Heathen’s favourite type of magic: Love staves. After those two sections the staves are sort of grouped into clusters based on purpose of the staves.

Really, really, really looking forward to using this book.


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