Praxis: Something Small to Start

Its one of the oldest pieces of advice in human history: when you’re starting something new, start small. It’s certainly no less or more true for Pagans and Heathens.

I’ve said a number of times now that I don’t really have any practice/s of my own for the moment. It’s one of things that I’m always looking to change, but really its just one of those things that I have to admit is moderately impractical at my current crossroad. Trying to establish a practice essentially from scratch, be it an eclectic mixture or strictly partitioned, is not something that I feel can be done at the moment, especially when it is something that I want to keep to myself and really be mine, separate from my past self as a member of my family. In many ways the establishment of a practice or practices will be the real sign that I have become my own self.

That all said, I did do a little something today.

A while back I mentioned that I wrote out the Song of Amergin in Futhark Runes, but didn’t really know what to do with the created text. Well, today I burnt it in a little… ritual I guess. Maybe it is better described as a preamble to my meditation. Either way, I had a brainwave earlier today and i wrote out a little piece of verse:

“Writ in Runes and Wreathed in Flames;
Song of Amergin envelop me.
Across all Time from Now to Then;
Song of Amergin hear me.
When I sing, hear me across Time.
When you hear, pour out your Wisdom.

I shall be as a vessel for your Wisdom.”

I burnt the rune written Song and inhaled the smoke, then I sat and meditated. It might be only a small, maybe meaningless, act. But it felt good to do.


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