Attracting and Finding Deity

Something that I started thinking about today was how to start including deity in my practices. I was doing some unrelated work and I really started wondering how people go about ‘getting’ Deity. I know the names of many gods, from a large number of different cultures, but do I really know them? Do I set out to deliberately try and attract a deity to me or do I simply start researching deities that are related to what I have already looked at and wait for that elusive feeling that many Pagans and Heathens describe? Do I stick to my current feeling of not picking one deity from here, another from there and create my own pantheon, instead finding a pantheon of deities that feels right or calls to me? Or, as a hard integrated polytheist, do I have the option of worshiping a single deity or cluster of deities from X pantheon and Y pantheon and call them ‘mine’? To me making a god salad of different deities and calling it a pantheon doesn’t sit right with me, so does this feeling exclude the possibility of worshiping multiple deities from multiple cultures/locations? Is perhaps the answer to look inside myself and find those qualities that I feel are qualities that I value, and find Deity based on those?

Its almost like the start of a bad joke: “The polytheist was out looking for a god…”


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