Catchup #3 Making Woopsies

So I have managed to go and earn myself an extra Catchup. It was actually a genuinely unexpected thing that occupied me yesterday, as opposed to being too tired or busy.

In the course of my house sitting I’ve found out that one of my friends from University is actually living quite close by. So, naturally, the two of us are taking advantage of the proximity to spend a lot of time with one another. Yesterday was one such day. My friend came over in the afternoon and she and I just talked for an hour or more. However, there was a purpose to her coming over which was that she needed my help to finish one of her assignments.

The day went on and she worked hard, and as things happened I offered to make her and her boyfriend dinner. No, this isn’t going where it sounds like its going.

For a solid 6, 7 hours the three of us just talked. Talked and thought. Though and talked. We ate and drank and spent the entire evening.

It was incredible. We talked about a wide range of things, predominantly philosophy style topics. The most interesting, and longest argued topic, was the ideas and thoughts surrounding the end of the movie ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’. The three of us made an interesting triad of perspectives and opinions. Each of us had our own approach to the argument, our own way of thinking that influenced the arguments for or against a particular point that we were trying to make. It really was brilliant.

To reign this back to a somewhat Pagan/Heathen natured topic: this phenomenon is what I think is the great weakness of being a solitary. Certainly, just being solitary doesn’t totally negate the ability to interact with other people and achieve what I’ve described above. But there is something more… powerful about having a group of people around you that you can be certain will offer different perspectives on things. Being able to think of new thoughts requires being able to see beyond your own view and perspective, which I feel is best achieved through a group conversation, like the one I’ve described having yesterday evening.


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