Catchup #5: “Almost like we’ve lived those spiritual lives before and they’re calling us back…”

So, I wasn’t too sure how I’d go trying to do three posts in a single day (2 Catchups and the daily one) but I came across a video on YouTube and I heard the line that makes the title of this post and I was so taken with it that I thought I’d explore the idea of it some more

The line comes from The Oak and The Moon’s first (?) video, though if I understand the entirety of the video properly he has come back from a hiatus and made a new account. Either way, the video itself basically details why he went away and why he has come and the common theme is rooted in his Pagan spirituality.

It’s only a small part of the video, but he talks about when he first began exploring his spirituality as well as why he originally came to YouTube and why he has come back. It is from this part of the video that I got the title of this post. Within the context of the video the line is the reason why he came back to YouTube. However, I am more interested in what he conveyed with it.

Many, many Pagans and Heathens come FROM something (Christianity, Atheism, etc) to their Pagan or Heathen faith. I myself came from an Anglican and Catholic background (something which I’ve mentioned before). However, The Oak and The Moon raises an interesting point. The idea of reincarnation is not a rare one across the cultures of the globe, and it comes in an incredible variety of forms. The ancient Greeks had a concept of reincarnation based around their concepts of the soul; the Buddhist and Indian concept of reincarnation are very well known. The Oak and Moon seems to be presenting an interesting spin on the idea of reincarnation.

Now, this is all just my expansion on a few lines that he spoke, so its around about now that I’m spinning new thoughts from his.

I’ve discussed once before the idea of spirituality being passed on physically, through the blood and genetics of a human. This new idea sort of combines that concept and the idea of reincarnation into a single thought. If the spiritual… matrix of a person remains even after they have died, then perhaps it is possible that those matrices of the long dead somehow become a part of people being born every day. Whether whole or as fragments, if these matrices do filter into new people being born then it would certainly serve as the beginnings of an explanation for why people who go on to become Pagans and Heathens do in fact become Pagans and Heathens and the myriad of descriptions of lacking spiritual fulfilment in their previous spiritual practices.

I might even come back to this one because there is a lot of meat on the bone to be gnawed at.

Find The Oak and The Moon here:


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