Which is the greater feat?

As I often do, I was thinking to myself about something that might happen to me in the near future. My thoughts on what can actually be achieved through the practices of Pagans and Heathens are very, very open ended. There are very few things that I think are totally impossible. There are various levels of what I think ‘impossible’ counts as, but thats a different conversation.

It occurred to me during this particular session of thinking, that at some stage in the near future someone, whether they are a member of the community or not, is going to ask me what I think can be done with magic (or whatever you choose to call it). The answer will inevitably, I think, lead to a discussion that will be interesting if nothing else. However, I thought of what I feel is a very pithy way to put my point across…

“Fifteen hundred years ago ‘we’ could change our shape in to an animal and run with the beasts. Fifteen hundred years later, ‘we’ have forgotten how to change our shape but ‘we’ can now split the atom.

Which is the greater feat? Changing ones shape, or splitting the atom?”

For me, this is what it really boils down to. What we think of now as being ‘impossible’ or a flight of fancy is no different to how a great many of the things we can do today were once seen.

So why does saying that you want to learn how to change your shape earn so much scoff from both within and without the community?


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