I Smell of Sage

I really do. I got my hands on a bushel and I’ve been burning some each day as part of my meditation and I smell of sage each time I’m done. I am deliberately wafting the smoke into my face, but still.

I smell of sage.

It might seem like a little thing but actually having something about me that reminds me that I am being active in my establishment of a practice, even though it is only a practice as basic as meditation, is a big personal signpost or perhaps even victory for me. It’s an affirmation to myself each time I smell the scent of sage that I’m not sitting still, I am being active and pro-active about things.

I can’t say that I have really had any powerful or meaningful experiences while meditating of late, but I am making sure that I meditate for a period each day and I think my technique is slowly getting a bit better each time. I’ve even almost memorised the Song of Amergin. I say almost because I stumble here and there, thinking that there is an extra line or something. I’m also trying to sing it properly, rather than just saying it. I have to say that my voice seems to be a little bit flat, but thats what happens when you don’t practice your singing for… years, I guess.

So, two positive steps forward for me today.


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