Catchup #7: A General Sense of Apathy

This was going to be yesterdays Catchup post, but I decided against it because my thoughts on the matter were all mixed up and I didn’t really have too much of a focus or point to make with it. That has since changed so I’m going to give you a few little… warnings or disclaimers: This IS going to deal partly with politics, specifically those of my country, there is also going to be a lot of Australian slang (read: swearing) if I get myself worked up enough. Or if I think that its a better way of expressing something particular.

We’ve recently gone through a Federal election here in Australia and it is not so much the result of the election (which went against what I voted for) that bothers me so much as the incredible sense of apathy that was demonstrated by the country this time around.

A large number of very vocal groups in Australia have been crowing on and on about how important this election is/was and spouting all of the reasons why…

Guess how many people DIDN’T enrol to vote – that is, people who newly became eligible to vote, but chose not to enrol.

Go on. Guess.

Approximately 400,000 people. I don’t know what that works out to be, but if you factor in Australia having a population of only about 22-23 million, as well as voting being a compulsory thing here which means that once you’ve enrolled you don’t need to re-enrol each time there is a new election and that only X amount of people turn 18 each year… That suddenly becomes quite a lot of people who have chosen to simply not engage their right to vote. At all.

And these are all the very people who are going to spend the next three years complaining and bemoaning and protesting essentially every action that our new PM performs, wishing and wishing that they had a different head of state.

Yet they have chosen not to do anything to change things.

It’s very symptomatic of not just Australian society, but of a growing sentiment across whole swaths of the developed world.

Pure and simple, apathy. A total lack of desire to do anything to fix a problem, regardless of what the actual consequences of that inaction will be.

Its something that I’ve sort of been skirting around the edges of for some time now in a number of posts, though I guess till right now I’ve not really realised that I was skirting. There is such a lack of pro-active effort on the part of a worrying proportion of the population. Some people claim spiritual purity, others purely want to make money, most worrying of all some truly believe blatantly wrong; as the reason why they refuse to do anything to fix the problem.

That just… doesn’t sit right with me.

I don’t mean to discount the hard and good work of those people who do fight for various rights and such, but it absolutely shits me to tears to see and hear so many people choosing to sit around and to fuck all to solve a problem that they are already complaining about… Yeah… There it is… Getting in touch with my inner heretic (obscure T.V series reference).

It is frustrating more than anything else. In a world so full of problems, to see 400, 000 people blatantly choosing to do absolutely nothing. I don’t expect them to be as passionate about solving the problems as I and others are, but by the same token this is one of those times where it really is a ‘if you’re not with us then you are against us’ type of scenario. By doing nothing they are effectively exacerbating the problems at hand.


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