Some Stray Thoughts

This is likely to be a little bit of a ramble or otherwise not very well put together, just because its getting pretty late and I’ve been feeling sleepy for a while now.

I had a thought earlier this evening that perhaps I’ve been approaching part of my seeking a little half-cocked in the sense that I might be ignoring or missing a crucial part in the machine (so to speak). I might be ignoring myself and my personality and some such. It’s sort of like trying to learn a new language entirely from a book, it lacks texture and depth and a certain… element to the whole thing. I’ve slowly been drawn towards a line of research that had Druidry on one side and a predominantly Norse flavoured shamanism on the other, with a few other bits sprinkled here and there. For the most part I’ve been trying to work out some kind of relationship between the two, for example: Druidry being one side of something and Norse shamanism being the other.

Really, I should be considering why my research has gradually led me to those two things, what aspects of myself do I find aligning with those two practices and things like that.


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