Catchup #8: The Importance of Diversity

This particular thought might have come up once before, it’s certainly one that I have raised a number of times in my everyday life, so I’m going to recount some context so that things make a bit more sense before I plough ahead.

Part of the requirements for my University degree was to do either two units of Theology or two units of Philosophy. For a great many reasons, some obvious, some not, some simple, some not, I chose to do the two Philosophy units instead of the Theology units. Truth be told, I ended up doing three Philosophy units just because I enjoyed it so much. In the course of my Introduction to Ethics subject, at least I’m fairly certain that was the unit, my lecturer said something that has always stuck with me. What he said was words to effect of:

Disagreement with your opinion opens your mind and broadens your perspective to see the things that you couldn’t see before.

In short, disagreement can and is a good thing. It is something that I have remembered more than anything else from that class because its stuck with me so much and so well. Its stuck with me so well because it has really, honest to goodness helped me in my life. That philosophy has given me insight to so many different things that I’m not above telling other people that they should really get over being upset that people disagree with them.

I raise this so that the rest of this post makes some more sense.

The last few days I have come across some people in YouTube that have opinions that have gone entirely against the grain of my own, yet have been equally engaging as the people that I DO agree with. It was something that I really only noticed today, late this afternoon to be exact, as I was watching a series of videos (related in subject matter, not author) in which there was Opinion X, Opinion X, Opinion X and then all of a sudden there was an Opinion Y. I was genuinely shocked!

My first instinct was to close the video, but I chose not to and I kept on listening and watching and while I didn’t change my opinion on the subject matter, I did find myself enjoying the person who had made the video and even subscribing to their channel. It was quite the experience, not because it was new or surprising, but because of the nature of the subject matter. The topic, which I steadfastly refuse to mention, was one that I’m told is quite the controversial one in the Pagan and Heathen community and while I personally have had no experience with Topic, the video I watched right before the one that is the subject of this post posited a number of compelling, researched and quote based arguments that only served to reinforce my stance on the Topic.

This experience of mine only serves to reinforce my philosophy that disagreement brings diversity of thought and surrounding yourself entirely with people who have the same opinion as you wont really see you progress far or make good decisions.


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