Sussing Sorcery

Sorcery is one of those words that I’ve always been more or less cognisant of, and understood, but never really thought too hard about. It was always just one of those things that I took for granted, I guess. It certainly wasn’t until recently that I began to really think about the nature of sorcery, what it is and how to describe it and those sorts of things. Most people have always used sorcery as a way of describing a very broad field of things; witchcraft, wizardry, magic – all those many terms that are associated with affecting the supernatural, manipulating energy and the like have for the most part always been what the adjective of sorcery has described.

But what about sorcery as a noun? Sorcery, as its own thing distinct from everything else. Related, certainly, but different to witchcraft, wizardry etc.

In the growing pile of things that I have said I need to revisit, or made a comment like ‘lots of meat on the bone’ regarding, this is something that I’ve got an itch to scratch or so to speak. My interest has been rather piqued by the question in front of me:

What is Sorcery?


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