Catchup #9: When You Least Expect It

Everyone knows, whether from first hand experience or from simply hearing it said enough times, that things happen when you least expect them to. In this case it is the balancing of my total lack of anything to do with an unexpected windfall of social activity that has taken me quite by surprise. In fact it is the reason why I am now doing a ninth catchup post – I was up until midnight at my friend’s house eating and drinking and talking with both my friend and her boyfriend a new person that I’ve never met before. Social activity abounds!

But, on a more serious note, I’m enjoying my sudden windfall of social activity because one of the things that has been bothering me quite a bit the last several days is my isolation. However deliberate or by product of my circumstances I’ve been finding that the general sensation of being isolated has been bothering me more and more other the last half a week. To the point where I think that it is starting to affect my ability to sleep properly. It’s one of those where, despite not wanting to be around certain people, I find myself longing for that human contact. If I were a person that was dating, it’d be the perfect time to spend some quality time with with my partner. However such a person doesn’t exist, so I’ve found that I’m looking for more and more ways to simulate the feeling of having people around me, primarily by watching YouTube videos on Paganism and Heathenry (although despite my best attempts to keep things partitioned strictly on that YouTube account, my other interests are starting to be represented in my subscriptions and video history).

The fact of the matter is that I CRAVE human contact, even as I am struggling to get away from certain people in my life (not for any especially BAD reasons, just because I want to move out of home etc, etc. You know that song and dance by now). I’m doing what I can to keep my spiritual exploration going strong, but the more I look into it the more it becomes obvious to me that I need to increase the number of resources that I have available to me. Which means that once again, I need to increase my personal source of monetary income… Yeah, you can see where this is heading. When all is said and done however, the universe is not without a sense of mercy – I’ve been spending a lot of time with my friend that lives near where I am house sitting, two events are happening next weekend that I am going to be able to go to with another friend and the friend who has been occupying my time of late and on the whole things are good, if only be dint of nothing bad happening at the moment, I’m even getting a decent number of views each week on here so that certainly makes me feel better that I’m not talking entirely to myself.



2 thoughts on “Catchup #9: When You Least Expect It

  1. Oh no, you are not talking to yourself :) but hte joys of blogging .. .
    I can relate very much. Lately for me, I have been living in a new town for a year and everyone I met I cannot relate to and I also feel isolated. I get away by going to nature, emptying my mind and grounding myself to help deal. And also facebook/texting I guess to keep in regular contact. Otherwise . .. I miss people also.

    1. Indeed, the joys of blogging! When I wrote that last night I was… well, I was in a good mood, but that mood has only improved and I can see now how I was blind to something last night – People are reading my blog and it doesn’t matter how many are reading it because I am achieving what I set out to do and reaching people. The actual number doesn’t matter, which is something that I couldn’t see yesterday.

      Yeah… I can understand well the difficulties in living in a new place where you don’t know anyone and feeling that social isolation. I’ve yet to come across anything that can ease that lack of having things to relate to, but like a few things all it takes is a little bit of time for those things to grow and ‘be’ there.

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