I Got The Power!

In homage to that wonderful classic, I’m writing this because I’ve… well: I got the power! No, not actual power like being able to call upon the eternal spirits of my ancestors to sweep across the world and right all wrongs or the perfect understanding of how to manifest magical powers and blend them with modern technology to create a new golden age for mankind, which would be cool but alas…

Rather, what I am talking about is this… internal build up of… I don’t even know what to call it. I;m generating ideas and thoughts on how to do things and getting this huge… willpower built up inside me and its fixing to get loose and get things done. Now, I’ll admit, this build up is not entirely centred upon my Pagan and Heathen explorations and interests. Though in many regards it has stemmed from that facet of my life because if it hadn’t been for my renewed and reinvigorated spiritual yearnings the series of events that have led to this moment simply wouldn’t have happened.

Despite my… sentiment earlier today (which I actually mistook for yesterday in a response to a comment on my other post form today) I’ve actually had quite the uplifting experience really come around the bend and had this massive feeling of empowerment.


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