Catchup #10: Returning to the Metaphor

So! Things happened and I’ve been busy the last couple of days. You know the song and dance now, this is a catch up post and this time I’m going to do what was going to be the matching daily post for my Locked Window metaphor that made up my last post.

The metaphor came to me when I was trying to open the window in the master bedroom at the house that I’ve been house sitting at. I’d been sleeping really poorly because I’ve been too hot with the blanket on at nights, but too chill with the blanket off so I figured I’d just open the window and make the room colder without making myself colder. As it happens, thats one of the windows that doesn’t open or at least needs a key that I wasn’t left. In the end, I just put up with the uncomfortable-ness of the bedroom and got some sleep.

It occurred to me though that the situation represented by my battle with the window is an excellent metaphor for many Pagans and Heathens that are trying to work things out for themselves. It is also an excellent metaphor for anyone who is at a stage in their life where they know what they want/need (for example a job or a university scholarship or similar) and can see where it is and how to get there, but are being impeded by something that they don’t know how to get around or bypass.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it is a metaphor for life, but I do think that it is a good metaphor for certain stages of personal development, particularly among young people in the troubled climate that the world seems to be existing in these past few years.


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