Catchup #11: Australian Paranormal and Spiritual Expo

As promised I’m reporting on how the APSE went in Parramatta, Sydney today.

It was smaller than expected.

That is all.

I jest. Mostly. It was in fact a lot smaller than I originally thought that it was going to be but I shouldn’t be as surprised about that as I was at the time because Australia is not exactly a hot bed of Pagan and Heathen events. That said it was interesting to see the two sides of the coin, so to speak. The scientific and spiritual sides of the trans-mundane coin.

The expo itself was comprised predominantly of paranormal surveillance stalls, video for the most part. These weren’t really of any particular interest to me, mostly because that side of things doesn’t really hold any personal appeal to me – not in a ‘I disapprove of it’ kind of way, just in a ‘I majored in Literature not Science’ kind of way. There was a medium who had an interesting approach, he used wax paintings and 5-7 colours to intuit past, present and future. I didn’t have a session but I found the approach to be quite interesting.

The only person that I really had any real interest in was a woman who had a plethora of fantastic items that I really, really wished I could have bought. However my financial situation really couldn’t have survived so I resisted temptation.


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