Catchup# 12: Knowing When to Stay In Bed

So this is the… Nth time that I’ve tried to do this particular post in the last few days – much as the title of it suggests, my last week has not been all that wonderful in a particular aspect. That aspect being my health.

I got sick, which really isn’t all that big a deal, I mean we all get sick at some point or another. However getting THIS sick is fairly unusual for me, which is not to say that I don’t get sick at all – I do. Its just that normally being sick for me is being a little run down for 24-48 hours and then I’m fine. More like a bi-annual immune system update for my body than actually being sick. Kind of like when your computer downloads new software. As a result I typically only ‘get sick’ about twice a year, and in some respects for very good reason. I eat very healthily and I exercise a lot, so I guess the side effect of that is that I don’t very sick very often.

That said however, each time that I get sick there is a chance that what I am sick with is a rerun of a sickness that I’ve had since I was about…12 or 13. It’s nothing serious, but it is a disease that stays in your blood (sounds like its really bad and serious, but its really not THAT serious) and doesn’t ever leave it. I should point out that here when I say ‘not serious’ I mean that its not going to kill me, but if I do get a proper rerun of it I’ll likely be laid out for several months. Which is why there are times, like this past week, where I don’t play the odds and take it easy and let the sickness run its course and just do everything I can to get better.

I miss things, or don’t get to do them, but I live with it because I’d rather miss a week of exercise and blog posts than push myself and get really, really sick for MONTHS instead of a week.

So! Back to your regularly scheduled programme! Got a few things that I want to do here, including both the happy post that I promised you in my… second most recent (?) proper post and a surprise and making good on some ‘I’l come back to the topic’ AND making a proper series out of Sussing Sorcery.


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