Catchup #13: Praxis – Practice Even When In Doubt

Unquestioningly, every Pagan or Heathen (perhaps, with the exception of those fortunate few who come from a Pagan/Heathen family) has moments or periods of doubt in the powers they are consorting (which sort of sounds like a dirty word, but that might just be me) with and the practices that they are pursuing. Really its just one of those things that is perfectly, natural. I guess. Is natural the right word? Either way, I think that is a commonplace state to find yourself in.

Don’t let that doubt get in your way!

Not exactly a NEW piece of advice, but I do mean something specific – beyond simply being headstrong and stubborn.

I mean is that even if you are in a period of doubt don’t stop trying things. Each time you do something, you’ll find that you understand it a little bit more with each time you do it. Take for example my use of Uruz runes on myself, and now my mother. Sure, I’ve only used them when it’s just been a simple cold/flu type thing (or as we here in Australia like to say “I’ve got a virus or something”) that any decent old immune system can likely fight off in a day or two – but that doesn’t stop me from believing that they do some good, on some level. This is important because then you get things like when I used Uruz on my mother – again, she was only suffering from a cold/flu/virus type thing, very generic and easy to throw off, but it was most certainly what I had and was laid out for two weeks by. I used Uruz on her and literally overnight her symptoms had improved and you could barely tell that she had been quite sick the day before.

Practice even harder when you are in a period of doubt, because when you get results during that period your doubt will melt away.


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