Catchup #14: Praxis – Runic Methodology

I was asked in a comment a couple of days ago, how do I use runes?

Well, I figure that seeing as it is the closest thing to a regular or daily practice I might as well answer the question as best as I can – in a full length post!

Normally I would prefer to have multiple references for something like this, but I only have the one and frankly the author of the book I’ve been using has decades of study and practice behind their voice so I’m prepared to make an exception this time.

I’ve learned the Elder Futhark runes, and how to use them, from “Taking up the Runes” by Diana L. Paxson. There are several reasons why I like this book and chief among them is that it is well written. The book was obviously quite well edited before being published, which is a problem I have with a couple of my other books. One of the other things that I quite like about this book is that it has a quite extensive bibliography to match its already quite good contents and author. The list is quite extensive and it is quite obvious that the author has gone to a lot of trouble to make her book as well researched as possible.

As far as the runes themselves are concerned, the book is laid out into two sections with the first section being a two by two run through of the runes in pairs. Each of the runes are gone through in a wonderful amount of detail, typically bringing several different angles of understanding to each individual rune. In the second section of the book rituals are outlined and described for each rune pair, both as a pair and as individual runes. At certain stages along the way in the first part of the book the author introduces the reader to various ways of using the runes which range from divination to bind-runes to wards as well as using the runes on their own in a variety of ways.

Which leads me to the exact nature of the question that DuvessSimone asked me: How do I use the runes?

I use the runes predominantly on their own as single runes, rather than in combinations such as bind-runes and wards. Of all the methods for single rune use detailed in the book, I use a simple finger tracing on the subject of my rune work (myself, mostly but occasionally other people). When I use runes on myself I take my time and do what amounts to my best to gather energy and what not however I don’t really think that it is all that necessary if you are just doing a simple finger tracing of the rune. There are undeniably divinatory uses for the runes but divination is not something that I have much interest in at the moment.


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