Keeping My Thoughts in Order

I’m noticing of late (read: the last week or so) that I’ve been rather scatterbrained, especially when it comes to keeping my thoughts in a coherent string. I’m sure that you readers have noticed this as I’ve missed a few days of daily posts this week along, on top of the ones that I missed while I was sick.

The simplest reason for why this might be is that I’ve simply got a lot of things on my mind, and more than a few of them are related to my personal spirituality. However it is the combination of my daily life and the concerns inherent in it with my spiritual concerns and desires that are causing the most scatterbrained-ness… I doubt thats a real word but I’m going with it.

Each day is a new day, there is no denying that, however just because a day new is doesn’t mean that the previous day ceases to be relevant or important. This is what I seem to be struggling a little bit with at the moment. I’ve gone from having an abundance of spare time on my hands to having a lot of that spare time filled with things that I want to be doing, but are still only gap fillers. Things to do while I strive to get that elusive life of my own. In the end I think that there are times when it just takes a certain amount of time for my brain to reassess what order things need to be done in and how to go about doing things.

Time for bed now.


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