Catchup #15: Regarding Green

So… I don’t know how much detail slips through from post to post but I live in Sydney, Australia which is in the Southern Hemisphere. The cleverer of you will be able to work out that this means that my seasons are not synchronous with the Northern Hemisphere. What this means is that while most of you are going into Winter right now, I am going into Spring which is both good and bad. It’s good for all the usual reasons, but its bad because it means that my hayfever is at its yearly peak. Makes it a bit of a pain in the arse to walk even just to the shops without having to take an anti-histamine. However thats not what I want to talk about.

Obviously, because it is the beginning of Spring that typical time of new growth and such it could just be the changing of the seasons, however I’ve been noticing of late that the leaves on plants are a very, very vibrant green to my eye. It’s really quite odd. Don’t get me wrong, the leaves are definitely ordinarily more vibrant simply by dint of coming out of Winter and into Spring but there is something… subtle about this extra quality that they’ve got. My eyes seem to be seeing them in greater acuity than the background they are set against. The sky and buildings behind the trees I’ve been looking at seem less lustrous than usual. You might say that there is an internal energy to the leaves that is drawing my eye and attention to them.

I’m not really sure what to make of it, if indeed it is anything at all, but it’s an interesting phenomenon to observe either way.


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