Unverified Personal Gnosis

The term which makes the post for today is one that I came across while reading an article on The Wild Hunt that was written a few days ago.

Sheepskin, the article, was written on the 11th of October and is a first person account of the author (Eric O. Scott) at a Heathen event in the U. S.A. The term Unverified Personal Gnosis or UPG doesn’t come up until the fourth paragraph and it is used with the bracketed example of “But you don’t know [know is italicised in the article] that Thor likes Jägermesiter.”

When I first read it I was immediately quite… annoyed I guess. The sentiment behind the term seems to be oddly dismissive for something out of the Pagan/Heathen lexicon. The implication behind it seems to be that what is being described is, while not wrong, something that is not exactly true… Not wrong, but just something that is very, very, very empirical. It’s almost a very, very sneaky way of saying that something is wrong but you don’t actually want to say it directly.

The term, and my reaction to it, has created a bit of an internal conflict that stems from the nature of the term UPG and another thing that I’ve noticed lately in the Pagan/Heathen sphere – that being the ‘cherry picking’ and subsequent dilution and devaluation of Pagan and Heathen paths.

I’ve run out of time tonight, but I’m going to follow this one up tomorrow because its a bit of a… crisis of concepts I guess.

Sheepskin can be found here: http://wildhunt.org/2013/10/sheepskin.html

The Wild Hunt can be found here: http://wildhunt.org/


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