Australia: Forever Badass

There is a running joke across the internet and several social areas that basically goes ‘Australia is X’ where X can be substituted for words like these: scary, badass, hardcore, unstoppable, deadly, dangerous, the best of/at ‘Y’. The list simply keeps on going because people keep on making jokes about it and I’m here to… chalk another stroke in the tally.

Australia is the best, and most dangerous, at changing seasons.

Today, which I remind folks is the 17th day of Spring, has brought me bushfires that I can still smell burning (keeping in mind that I am right on the coast and the actual bushfire is many hundreds of kilometres inland) as well as hail in Melbourne. The kinds of fires I’m talking about here don’t usually start happening until Summer here when it gets to 45 degrees Celsius so its a bit of a big deal when its happening barely a fortnight into Spring…

‘The Spirit of Australia’ was a marketing scheme that our biggest airline carrier came up with waaaay back when I was still in my single digit years, but there is a tiny shard of something to what they were trying to touch upon that I think is pertinent to the modern Australian Pagan/Heathen, almost regardless of how much they have studied Indigenous Australians or not.

Australia, from a spiritual standpoint, is not to be underestimated.

As demonstrated by today, even in the start of Spring when life should be streaming forth and coming to fruition, flames are consuming parts of that new life before it has even had a chance to begin. The usual rules do not apply here and it would be foolish to think that they do. Whether you work with spirits or not, there can be no denying that the spirits of Australia are not like other spirits of the land. They are older, more alien, and almost a complete mystery to most people.


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